Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Gel Verses Acrylic'

The big debate going on for years is gel better for your nails then acrylic?

Well actually no gel isn't better then acrylic, they all come from the acrylic family, this also includes the resin that is used for silk/fibreglass nails as well.

Acrylic is tougher the gel, gel is more flexible then acrylic and bends with your natural nail, where acrylic is more solid.

So what type of enhancement you chose , also you have to take into account what job you have and your life style.

If you spend all day typing you can have long nails if you want although they will break as they are to long and you are putting your nails under to much stress, which is why when you go to your tech she will help you decide on the correct length for you.

If you are not used to having nails it is best to start of very short until you have grown used to them and they are not so strange to you, you can then with the help and advice of your tech get them to a nice length and keep them healthy by following the aftercare advice....

Yes that's the bit when we say to you, you must pick at them, you must oil cuticle's twice a day, never do anything with out gloves on, or my favourite if you wouldn't put your face in it, don't put you're hands in it!!!

Always listen to the advice of your tech....and remember Your nail's are Jewel's not tool's!!

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