Monday, 23 April 2012

Summer Trends

This summer is set to see playful bright neon colours, like orange, yellow, and blue and also the Caviar manicure will this also turn into Caviar pedicure???

It is supposed to be getting warmer now which brings out every ones feet, or most any way lol.

Time to get rid of the winters hard skin by exfoliating, and then moisturising your feet to keep them soft and silky.

Some fancy polish, some go for Minx, or maybe the blinging Swarkovski Pedicure which is my favourite i must say and mine seemed to last for ages last year, and you would get at least 2 months wear from one, so despite the price not being cheap, you do get your moneys worth from them.

Just remember the aftercare advice given by your tech....and dont forget the oil for those cuticles....

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