Sunday, 28 July 2013

Why do they operate without insurance

There seems to be a large amount of nail tech's and spray tanners that suddenly pop up with no training and no insurance, to be honest i blame these one day courses where they teach you how to do nails.

You cant learn acrylics in one day, i know of a person that has done this, then went on to buy spray tanning equipment secondhand, no training and no insurance, although i have spoken to this girl and asked her why she hasnt got insurance i got no reply.

Fails to amaze me you wouldnt drive your car without insurance so why claim to be a professional and trade without it!

I know the industry has yet to be regulated that is partly the problem, but with sites such as fleabay selling these products to people it is certainly not helping,i wouldnt dream of buying a product off of a site like that, you never if it is the genuine product.

It so does annoy me to the point of naming and shaming but then that would be unprofessional on my part.

And it's unprofessional to comment on a tech's work, but it happens and there is not alot you can do about, infact i wish there was something i could do about it!

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