Thursday, 26 April 2012

Long or Short Nail's?

Long nail's or short nail's?

Tough decision, as if you are a nail biter you want to have nails, but you will not cope with anything that is longer then the tip of your finger.

I love long nail's, the longer the better, but they are not always practical to be talon like in length!

I love the stilettos nails, although i am pretty sure i would end up poking my own eyes out if i had a set of those !

I like long and pointy like Lady Gaga's in Judas, i decided they were still to long for everyday usage, and probably break and taking allot of your own natural nail with it, so being one of those creative moods i thought i had better design my own.

Well i did they are now on my website treatment menu as wife's revenge!

I think they need more work doing on them but as i have moved and still in decorating mode i will have to wait until my nail room is ready i can then spend hundreds of hours in there refining my design!!

Nail art is another thing i need to master i have so tired many times to do these one stroke flowers, mine tend to look more like a one stroke blobby thing instead.....

I guess the old saying is true.....practice......practice........makes perfect......

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