Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Want long strong and healthy natural nails?

Having long healthy nails, are unfortunately something that is inherited.

We all want long nails, that do not break and bend, with gorgeous long nail beds, those who do have long nail beds can thank their parents for that one,it is something all women want but very few have. The condition of your nails can be improved though.

You can do things to help your nails become stronger, the best moisturiser for nails is water, but only in certain amounts, to much and your nails become weak and damaged which makes your nail delaminate (peel).
Always wear gloves when washing up, gardening etc to help protect your nails, keep your gloves on when using household cleaners.

Regular manicures, buffing the natural nail will help your nails become stronger.

The use of cuticle oil on your natural nails as well as enhancements helps keep the cuticle in good condition as well as feeds the nail.

After all you condition your hair, so it's about time you treated your nails to some lovely cuticle oil to keep them healthy.

Cuticle oil also reduces the likely hood of getting hangnails, or though some people may still get them, please do not pull at them as this can cause infection, and soreness around the sides of your nail, and looks unattractive!

Hand cream and moisturisers all play there part in keeping your hands soft and stops them from drying out, this applies to cuticles too,as this looks the moisture into the skin to keep your skin soft.

The myth of eating one cube of jelly a day to strengthen your nails, wont work, you inherit either strong or weak nails!

Remember that you have nails for a reason, not just to paint or chew!!!

They are there to form a rigid structure to the end of your finger so we can pick things up more easily and to protect the last bone in your finger from knocks....

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