Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Last Min...

I had a last minute appointment tonight, the lady had been to nearly every nail salon in my area to try and get her nail's done tonight.

She was turned down at every salon without them even asking what service she wanted, which i think is pretty poor really.

She said she had given up all hope of getting her nails done for her brother's wedding, when she found my website and sent me an email, asking me if i could do her nail's, i was happy to do her nail's so she looked nice for a wedding, if it wasn't a special occasion i still would of helped her out.

This why i think mobile nail technician's and those who work from home, can step in and fill the gap between salon,s closing at night and the handful that open late on a Thursday, i must admit i took longer then usual to do her nails to much chatting going on lol, but she left a very happy lady with her nail's, that she thought she wasn't going to get done.

If a client rings me at 9pm and wants her nail's doing i will still say yes to her or him lol.

It doesn't hurt to pay it forward....

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