Thursday, 10 May 2012

Natural Nail Moisturise

Did you know the best natural nail moisturiser is water?

Water is good for us in many ways, keeps us hydrated, good for the skin and nails, but this needs to be in the right amount.

To much water can ruin your nails, this is why your technician gives you advise that you need to follow at home to have the best nails/enhancements ever.

Always wear gloves when doing the washing up, and household chores, this will protect your hands and nails and keep them from being over exposed to , too much water also kind to your hands as well.

Nail's that spend to much time in water can delaminate- which means the natural nail can peel exposing other layers to water damage, in turn makes your nails weaker and prone to bending and splitting and also so dry cuticles.

Always follow your nail techs advice wear gloves for cleaning to protect nails and hands from chemicals, use hand cream when your hands feel dry and never forget your cuticle oil twice a day is good, three times will work wonders, and always use it before bed.

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