Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ref Daily Mail

Nail enhancements do not ruin your nails if you go to a qualified technician.

Tech's spend thousands on their training and also undergo more training once they are qualified, i have personally spent in excess of 1k to get trained and to take further courses, of which i still have lots to learn!

Just because you became qualified does not mean that is the end of your training.

There are alot of places offering cheap sets of acrylic nails, while everyone is finding it hard money wise thinking you are saving some money and getting your nails done cheaply is not a good idea.

  salon's who offer very cheap set's of nail's, some salon's who are sometimes  known as discount salon's have been known to use MMA , which is banned in several countries.

MMA does not adhere well to your nail plate, so to get your discount salon acrylic to adhere to your nail , your nail will be filed down to provide a key - rough surface for the acrylic to adhere to.

This is where all your problems start from, if you went to a a high end salon you nail plate would not be filed down, so you would not have problems in the future with your nails.

Nails are often so damaged and thin that they have red lines on them known as the ring of fire, which has been caused by to much filing, your nails will be thin and sensitive.

Also failing to look after a nice exspensive set of nails can also result in problems , such as green nails this not just from discount salons, if you fail to keep your maintenance appointments you nail enhancement becomes loose as it grows from the cuticle, this can get water under it and cause a green nail.

This is why tech's tell you to use rubber gloves for household chores, plus cleaning chemicals can damage your nails, causing service breakdown, which in turns can cause the client to pick the enhancement off leaving acrylic scaring on the nail which is tears to your natural nail plate.

So when you decide to get your nails enhanced check they are insured, if they attempt to use an electric file on your natural nail say NO this will damage your nail.......

Save yourself a whole of bother and go to a professional for your beautiful nail enhancements...

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