Friday, 19 October 2012


You know just latley i have seen so many pictures on facebook etc, of what i call diy messers, those people who are not qualified but buy cheap gels etc from ebay and start charging their mates for nails.

I have seen the regular white tip halfway down the nail, and have no idea why people do this???

Do they not realise when its finished that it looks hideous ? Why cant people just go get some training and insurance and learn how to do things properly and not ruin their nails.

After all they may be mates but how long for once their nails start to suffer from thin nail beds, rings of fire from over filing and fungal infections?.

It really makes me mad when i see people who do this, it will always happen i know as ebay selling cheap tat will keep them doing it.

The best bit is when they use the wrong lamp for gels and the products are not curing, talk about allegic reactions you are giving your clients, good way to get a name for yourself before you are even trained!

If nail's is what you want to do, then go to college or pay privately to learn the skills you need  to do it.

Don't become like something that could work in a chop shop......

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