Saturday, 17 November 2012

Loads of stuff

Not been on for ages so thought i had better write some stuff, i now have a new website which i built and went live last weekend  the old site is still up until i think 25th then it's gone for good.

Been a busy week for me, which makes a change, i am also doing a special offer next week on facebook on my page so if you haven't already liked my page then pop along and do so!

Currently i am trying to get my likes up too 200 then i will pull a random name out and the person will get a free tan, so will be intresting to see how long it takes hopefully not to long though.

There is also a new QR code for my new site which i have put up above to help you find it quicker, i am starting college in march so will be adding new treatments to my buisness from june 2012.  am still toying with the idea of skin care creams etc not fully decided as yet, but will keep you updated.

We are now on which is a salon finder for your area so clients can find a Shellac salon this is a live site, so if a salon does not keep buying Shellac it will be removed from the site.

Well i think that's all from me now for now.....laters!

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