Thursday, 21 March 2013


You know i got to thinking today about clients, those who come from other salons for what ever reason and the clients that are ill informed or think they no everything there is to know about nails!

When you become a nail tech you dont stop learning, you keep on learning, we all make mistakes sometimes no one will complain, sometimes they do.

If the person isnt happy i'd rather they say so, thankfully i have only come across this once since i trained but it's still a blow.

Had a strange phone call earlier,  from someone who is not my clients saying they have acrylic on and it's ruining their hands? Some people need to be educated and learn about what they need not what they want is always  the best way.

Acrylic doesnt ruin your nail,s people have it because they have week nails or there nails keep breaking and they have trouble growing them.

I swear by acrylic for weak nails, 6 months of it works wonders.

But i also find people are shocked when the acrylic comes off, as their nails are soft and bendy, but after 24 hours they are back to normal, but people do not t listen to  this, and think they have thin nails and this is what the acrylic has done to them.

When acrylic is removed you need a manicure and a good cuticle oil, which should always be used daily with all nail treatments and bare in mind they will be soft and bendy for a few hours, plenty of handcream and remember to wear gloves when doing household chores helps alot as well.

Clients need educating and need to remember nails need looking after and removal by professionals, diy nail jobs are not good for you nails.

The picture is a stock picture from the web you can see where someone has tried to remove the nails without seeing a tech, but the damage they have caused themselves, will grow out but will take time, but the client will blame the tech, total madness if in doubt seek professional advice x

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