Friday, 29 March 2013

Nail Damage

For the first time i had seen nail damage caused by another salon where i live.

I had heard about this salon and there get them , get them out attitude but had never met anyone who had been there, although they have been totally dead in the month or so, now i know why maybe?

So many people go and do these one day nail courses, and then go and set them selves up as a nail tech, when will people learn you cant not learn everything to do with nails in one day.

I know learners no know better and wan to get qualified as quickly as possible and earn some quick money, it so does not work like that, it takes time and lots of practice and study to get qualified to be a nail tech.

Many hours of trying hard to perfect something which one day just clicks into place for some strange reason.

I spent a year learning to be a nail tech i have a long way to go and so much to learn that will not happen overnight, but i love learning and i have big plans for my small business.

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